What Car Should I Buy?

What Car Should I Buy

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July 28th, 2020

Trying to figure out what kind of car you want or understand how car financing works? Purchasing a car is not something most people do every day, or even every year, so we’re here to offer you some help as you begin your journey to a new vehicle. If you have questions or are looking for easy-to-follow tips to make the whole process a little easier we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you do that.

Find the Best Car For You

There’s no doubt about it, buying a car is one of the biggest purchases you are likely to make in your life.

Finding Your Best Car
Find The Best Car for You

Types of Cars Explained

Do you want to know how AWD, 4WD and 2WD vehicles work? Looking for the difference between a Crossover and an SUV? Need to decide between a sedan and a hatchback?

Car Types Explained
Types of Cars Explained

Car Buying Tips: How to Buy a Car

This section is filled with handy tips on things like getting a pre-approved loan, getting a car with bad credit and how to trade in a car.

See All Buying Tips
How to Buy a Car

Leasing Vs Buying a Car

Not sure which is right for you? Discover the pros and cons of the two main ways to pay for getting behind the wheel of a new car and what suits you best.

Learn More
Leasing vs Buying a Car

How to Buy a Used Car?

A new vehicle just not in the cards for you right now? Buying a used car can save you money but also means discovering some unique challenges.

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How To Buy a Used Car

How to Get a Pre-Approved Car Loan

Want to purchase a new car but aren’t sure how much of a loan you’d qualify for? From your credit score to interest rates use this primer to discover pre-approval basics.

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How to Get a Pre-Approved Car Loan

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